We started with a Simple Vision

'Re-think the enterprise'

Make enterprise business processes automation
as easy as downloading an app.


Connixt makes it easy for businesses and their field employees, contractors or suppliers to collaborate – as intuitive as downloading an app and connecting! Your users already know this model from the social world – and we decided that it had to be no different in the enterprise. And, we also wanted to break some of the accepted rules of enterprise software – so you will NOT need months or years of implementation, NO massive upgrades or add-ons to your ERP / EAM systems, and you will NOT need an open check-book.


Meet Our Team

We are a rapidly growing team of experienced professionals passionate about bringing mobile into your enterprise and untethering you, your employees, field-staff, suppliers and pretty much everyone in your business.

Connixt Star !


Yes, you. If you are looking to become a part of the Connixt team. The standard statements about challenging environment all apply obviously. But we are also looking for something more – a passion to understand the customer’s business (whatever be your role in Connixt), deliver value and achieve customer delight. If this looks like you, email us.