Why pick Connixt for your enterprise mobile needs ?

Get there Fast

Rapid deployment, instant global onboarding – 4 weeks FLAT

Low IT Impact

No added infrastructure, no changes to you ERP / EAM


All transactions are orchestrated and integrated in the cloud (and back-end integration is optional)


NO third party data storage – and Connixt certainly does not even look at your data


Host internally or deploy on the cloud – your requirements will drive how you use Connixt

Integrated & in synch

Everyone gets the same version of truth


Real-time analytics delivered on mobile devices for executives, operations and suppliers

Accelerated ROI

Deployment in weeks + elimination of dual data entry + alerts & notifications+ Management by exception = ROI that is unmatched by any other approach

What does Connixt deliver?

The ConnixtApps family – iMarq and iPrime – open a world of never before available benefits and features for users wherever they are - BYOD apps that instantly and securely connect them and allow them to execute on the field

There is a ConnixtApp for you!